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Thursday, April 30, 2015

After about a few failed attempts at meeting up, Noemi of  The Greek Pinay (and Pinay Flying High) and I have finally met. Well, aside from the accidental meet-up at Crowne Plaza's Be Social Brunch, that is. We have arranged a little meeting at Eatopia along with Dani of Flights & Flavours and her aunt Mia.

Eatopia has a very uncommon concept on ordering food: they give you numbered card once you come in (that's what it says on their place mats, but we received ours a few minutes after we were seated.) And then, you can roam around the whole place and check out the different kitchens, where you can place your order and hand over your numbered card.

They have different kitchens from which you can choose your meal; Japanese, Italian and Arabic to name a few. There's also a dessert section, if you're into sweets.


Italian kitchen
I was thinking of going for Japanese but changed my mind when I saw the Italian Kitchen. Pasta and risotto are my weaknesses.

Seafood Risotto
I had seafood risotto which I very much liked. What I loved about it is the abundance of seafood, as you can see. I never call anything "seafood something" unless I see more than ten pieces of seafood in there. (yes, it's a very specific number. I'm kind of OC like that.)

The drink orders are taken from the table by the servers. I was very impressed with our order taker as she didn't even write our card numbers while taking our drink orders. Not until it was time to pay the bill, the orders were interchanged. So much for the number cards.

That and there was also a little incident when our server came and served us with some mana'esh. At first we thought those were complimentary, until she came again with another plate of it. Good thing thing we didn't touch both because as it turns out, she got the table numbers wrong. The orders belonged to the table beside us.

Also had to take home some french macaroons for the hubster (and me, Haha.) I loved the flavors - I had Mint Chocolate, Rose and Pistachio flavors - but I was a little dismayed with the texture as it crumbles in every bite.

It was definitely a fun night and I was very pleased to have met these fine ladies. Please check out their blogs if you have time. The Greek Pinay and Flights and Flavours.

2nd flr, The Gate Mall

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  1. I also met couple of bloggers in person before, it was so much fun. Wish I could meet someone new this time around. Sounds like all of you had a great time.

    1. Hello Mayen! It's refreshing to meet with other bloggers and talk about stuff that only bloggers understand. Haha. It was actually only my second time to meet with other bloggers, both were so much fun.
      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Cool concept, but too bad they got things mixed up! >.< Actually when I first read about the number cards, I thought this restaurant was offering buffet! Anyhow, seems like you had a great time with your blogger friends. :) It's really nice to meet up with people of the same interests (blogging). I've become really good friends with some bloggers myself.

    Anyway, hoping to personally meet you too one of these days! :)

    1. Hello Sumi! I'll make a mental note of that so we can meet up whenever I'm in the Philippines.
      I was actually kind of thinking the same thing (buffet), especially when I saw the different kitchens and their spreads.

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