Desert Safari with Qatar International Adventures

Monday, April 06, 2015

As the cooler season in Doha concludes, it is a good idea to do all wrap up all outdoor activities before summer kicks in. Because, as you might notice, summer is just around the corner.

With that being said, we have decided to squeeze in a one-day desert safari tour with Qatar International Adventures. They offer half-day (4 hours), full day (7 hours) and overnight desert safari tours. What’s great about it is that they can pick you up and drop you off from anywhere within Doha. The tour costs 1200QR for a maximum of 6 persons (they can take you even if you are alone). So the more people you go with, the cheaper the cost per head. Besides, the more the merrier, right?

It starts with an hour drive to Sealine Beach Resort (where their site office is located), this is where you have to pay. Then the driver will take you to a nearby site where he will start to semi-deflate the tires of the 4x4 (to ready it for the dunes). While waiting, you can delight yourselves with a camel-ride which costs 20QR (neither is this part of the tour nor operated by QIA). I think a ride lasts about 5 minutes or so around a parking lot.

The camel ride itself was not all scary, the unnerving part is when the camel tries to stand up/kneel down. It starts to bend its two front legs so it kind of feels like you'll slide down.

After the camel ride, that is when the dune bashing begins. Tip: once your driver asks you to return to the car, fasten your seat-belts right away. They will tend to surprise you with a small dive into the dunes; at least that’s what our driver did. For his amusement, I assume, or to prepare our nerves for what we signed up for.

Did you see me fidgeting with my seat-belt there in the start of the video? That's when our driver decided to surprise us with some bumps.

There were a few times our driver had us screaming our lungs out. He tried every trick in the book; diving face forward, sliding sideways, and he even did one backing up.

There were a few ATV riders we came across with along the way. They looked like professionals at the dune bashing business.

By the way, here’s our driver Bob (or so he says). He obviously has a fascination for Jamaica; our whole trip was serenaded by reggae music.

At the camp, you get to rest for a few hours. You are provided with a tent and some chairs where you can eat. We took this time to make ourselves some coffee and drank it by the shore. We also had some shisha for 10QR. 

Did I mention that the trip includes a buffet BBQ dinner at their camp? Well, the full-day and overnight tour does. But don’t get your hopes up; this is not a fine dine experience. We are in the middle of the desert, anyway.

After dinner, you can rest for a few more minutes and head back to Doha. The drive back was less challenging than it was going to the camp, it was dark anyways, so it was better to stay away from the high dunes. The experience was super fun and I suggest you try it out even once while you're still here in Doha.

Qatar International Adventures
Al Matar Street
P.O. Box: 55733
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44553954
Fax: +974 44653461

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  1. You are so lucky to have gone on a safari. Now I want to go too. Your pictures are amazing. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Thanks Vanessa! You should try it too, if ever you're in the Middle East. They also have Desert Safaris in Dubai (which, by the way, I hear are better that those here in Qatar). Happy weekend to you too!


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