Why We Chose Cloth Diapers Over Disposables

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

I have been a huge fan of cloth diapers ever since I was pregnant with my daughter. I had this whole idea of being an “eco-friendly” mom in my head and I really admire the prints on them.  I would make it a point to buy a few pieces every month while I was still pregnant so as to have as much stash as I would need when I gave birth. A lot of people had mixed opinions about my choice and I never minded them.

Then came the day I gave birth and saw how difficult it was to manage my baby and the laundry. So when my daughter was around a few weeks old, I decided to switch to disposable diapers. So what made me go back to cloth? Disposables were a breeze compared to cloth, until the day my daughter had a really bad diaper rash. We had to go for days without diapers (doctor’s orders). I had to dig thru the closet for my stash of cloth diapers and use them again. And, I had to buy a few more (and because the supplier came out fresh new prints, heehee).

I change her every 2-3 hours and whenever her diapers are soiled, so that’s about 6-8 diapers in a day.  But we don’t use cloth while my daughter sleeps. I tried to do this but the smell is really bad in the mornings, so I switched to disposables during the evening, especially when she started sleeping through the night.

We still use cloth when were out, the mall or the movies for instance. But we try to keep the hours to a minimum. The longest time we are out will be for going to church which takes about 4-5 hours at the most, so I bring 3 diapers with me and a  wet bag to store used diapers.

I don’t necessarily use cloth diapers while travelling since I don’t know if I’ll have the resources (washing machine, detergent, drying rack, etc.) while on the road. So we stick to disposables when we travel. I’ve seen some moms do it and I salute them for all the effort they put into it. I just don’t want to pressure myself that much (no offense to those who do it). Besides the point of travelling is to relax and enjoy, so I stick to that plan.

Right now my stash is at around 3 dozen, with a few extra inserts. And I wash every two or three days. I will tell you about my washing routine some other time on a different post. But for now here a sneak peek at my stash.

Also soon, I’ll let you in on how much I money I saved from switching from disposables to cloth diapers.

I’m still planning to use cloth on our second baby but I’m hoping to buy more masculine prints. Ooops, did I just spill the beans that we’re expecting and that this time it’s a boy? Haha. Subtle, right?


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