Dinner Buffet at Cosmo, Millennium Hotel

Saturday, April 18, 2015

After reading about Rosalyn's post about Cosmo's Italian Brunch, I knew we had to try it out for ourselves, too. Since Millennium Hotel was basically two blocks away from home, it was a no-brainer, it was practically our neighbor and we walk our dogs at the back of the hotel every night. The only downside was that we had work on Saturdays so the Italian Brunch was off the table. The least we could do was dinner buffet which also proved quite impressive.

I am an Entertainer freak and I try to use the App every chance I get. So, as you might have guessed, we got the dinner two-for-the-price-of-one.

The salads section was quite impressive with so much choices. Some were even served in cocktail glasses. Of course I had to get myself a shrimp cocktail.

There was also a table for Arabic starters (hummus et al.), I decided to skip that section entirely.

The dessert spread was also charming, with all those cute sweets in shot glasses.

The cold cuts section was adorned with turkey and beef ham, cheeses and smoked salmon and mackerel. I found myself coming back here every time I stood (I was the only one, I think, who frequented this section).

The roast lamb was glorious, you could hear my husband all praises about this.

Fish tandoori with tartar sauce, roasted potatoes, steamed vegetables, breaded chicken fillet
There were limited options for the rest of the food which I found disappointing (I should have gone to brunch, instead). Aside from the roast lamb, the only thing that we loved was the pasta bechamel (not in photo). And duh, of course the potatoes.

I loved the coffee dessert shooter (top left in photo) and the rest of the dessert were okay. 

With the Entertainer App, we paid a total of QR221. QR165 for the buffet and drinks were QR28 each.

Cosmo - Millennium Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Those salads look wonderful! :)
    I went to a lunch buffet last week and just like you, I was disappointed by the lack of hot food options. :(

    1. Yes, the salads were amazing, I especially loved the shrimp cocktail.
      The hot food section was a bit of a let-down, I think they try to make up with the salads and desert. I'm still looking to try their brunch, though.

  2. The salads section was indeed impressive. That shrimp cocktail looks good. Oh and that roast lamb got me drooling! :D Too bad though there weren't a lot of hot food options.


    1. Hi Kriska! Yes, the roast lamb and the salads were amazing, it actually made up for the limited hot food options.
      Thanks for dropping by!

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