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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

There have never been more powerful words uttered in the whole world than "Stay at Home." It's a simple request that many can't seem to wrap around their brains. This last month has been a gift to Mother Earth and to busy families, but a curse to most. I have been very blessed to be in a family that consider this time to be a gift.

Here's what I've been up to during this quarantine period:

1. As I am the assigned grocery shopper (you can't seriously trust husbands to do this alone), I've been meal planning and making lists as to what we'll be needing for the week or if possible, two weeks.

By the way, can you believe that a typical weekly grocery shopping could take up to 5-6 hours this days? 1-2 hours waiting in line just to get in the supermarket, 1 hour or so of actually shopping (this would depend of course on how long you take deciding which brands you replace the ones you usually buy because they are out of stock), and another 1-2 hours on the queue to the cash register. Can you tell me more about your community quarantine grocery shopping experiences? 

2. Trying to keep my 2 year old busy with activities. So far, we've done online art classes with Kuya Robert Alejandro, chalk art drawings on the street, we've gone thru some of the Montessori books I bought for her on the Big Bad Wolf, flashcards, Legos, musical toys. If you have any more ideas, please comment below.

3. Cleaning up the yard and some parts of the house. So far, I've gone thru the bathrooms and parts of the kitchen. 

4. I've taken up planting vegetables in the garden. OK, so I just started yesterday. I'm trying to grow my pechay cuttings. I'll update you guys on what happens. If this becomes successful, I might go and plant tomatoes and chillies as well. 

5. Baking. Just those boxed, ready-to-bake ones that you have to add some water and egg to. A few more weeks and I might get the courage to properly bake from scratch. I've cleaned and checked our oven if it's still working, and yes, it is actually still usable. 

6. I've reopened my box of cloth diapers. Seeing that we have to cut on costs, I've decided to go back to cloth diapers. It's Lucas' first time so we're basically testing the waters for him and cloth. 

7. Reading, my first love. I finally have to time to read again since little Lucas now sleeps thru the night. Since the ECQ, I was able to finish 3 books. Finally been able to lessen that TBR pile that grew so much when Big Bad Wolf was in town last February. 

8. Research. Ever since I became a full time house wife and stay-at-home mom, I've been meaning to help the husband whenever I can with work.  So whenever I have time, I try to help him with research or whatever he needs for his projects. 

9. Cooking. Well, I've been doing this even before ECQ started but I've learned to be more practical in my cooking nowadays. Sticking to a meal plan is one way I make sure that everything is still on budget. It's also one way of making sure that we only go out when needed.

10. Little Mr. Lucas turned 6 months a week ago so he's stared eating solids so now I'm also busy meal prepping for this little bub. Mostly squash, potatoes, carrots and peas for now. 

To be honest, between house chores and the kids, the only rest I'm getting these days is during my 15 minute bath, when they're both sleeping where I squeeze in my reading and my morning devotions. 

We are so blessed to be able to stay at home and still have food to eat. I can't even imagine the daily battle of those frontliners who risk their lives daily to care for the sick. And those that have to work outside and strive so they can put food on their tables. I salute each one of the frontliners, may they be health workers, military, police, goverment officials, barangay officials and those who help out in ways they could. Thank you and may God bless each one. 

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