Be Social Brunch at Aramede - Crowne Plaza Business Park

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Looking for a great place to have brunch on a Friday? I luckily got an invite from Doaa of Hungry Birds Doha (she also manages Food Bloggers Qatar, God bless her) for brunch at Crowne Plaza's Aramede Restaurant for their Be Social Brunch.

"Why Be Social?" you might ask. Well, there's kind of two answers to that question. First, we all need to put down our phones every now and then and start being social at the dinning table. That's just what we, together with the lovely ladies of Food Bloggers Qatar, did. Subsequently, they also encourage social media, which we all know everyone uses these days as a means of communication. Thus, the hashtag #BeSocialBrunch.

I arrived at Crowne Plaza a little past 12:30 and I'm embarrassed to say the I missed the first part of the tour. But that doesn't mean I didn't get the chance to try all the food, I just don't have enough photos. I'll just have to direct you to the other bloggers (read on until the bottom for a link to their blogs) who were also there with me.

The very first thing I notice when I entered Aramede was this very attractive wall of cupcakes, which is both welcoming and tempting.

They offer a variety of food from salads to curries, cupcakes to cheeses, pizza to sushi. I'm sure you can get something, whichever cuisine you fancy.

So here's where I caught up with them...

Carved Meat section
Seafood section

 They have shrimp, calamari, mussels, oyster and octopus. You can ask them to cook it any way you want. Our table had buttered garlic shrimp which Allyson (of Life with Karlly) requested to be cooked and graciously shared with all of us.

Sushi section

Now, the sushi spread was my favorite part of the buffet. Unlimited maki, sashimi  and nigiri sounds good, right? Mind you, all their seafood are fabulously fresh.

Bread section
Cheese section
And, of course, we were not to miss out on the dessert table. We specifically set aside one hour of brunch just for dessert.

Dessert section

Lemon Meringue
The lemon meringue and the creme brulee, for me, were the superstars of that table.

Chocolate Fountain
I can tell you that we were really handled well. We even had pizza, fresh from the oven, delivered to our table. And entertainment was also well taken care of. 

Pepperoni pizza
Yann, an accordionist from France
Our host, Eunice, was very gracious and accommodating, and so are the rest of the crew.

Of course, this brunch was not just about the food but also the company and conversations you have. I'm so glad to have shared the table with these fascinating ladies from Doha. Talk about being social, we chatted about anything and everything under the sun; from food to family, etc. I would like to thank Doaa for getting this group together and to Crowne Plaza for having us for brunch.

L-R: Doaa of Hungry Birds Doha, Kim of Mama Baba Ganoush, Hala of Ms. Hala, Eunice of Crowne Plaza, me, Allyson and Karen of Life with Karlly
As promised, here's the link to these ladies' blogs/pages, do check them out.

I was also overjoyed to finally meet Noemi of The Greek Pinay and Pinay Flying High who was also a guest together with her husband. We've been in touch for a while trying to meet up. And then we bump into each other here, of all places. But I think she agrees when I say that we must do something again (together and soon).

Image from TheGreekPinay
Crowne Plaza's Be Social Brunch is held every Friday. It costs QR255 for non-alcoholic and QR333 for bubbly. It starts at 12:30 until 4:00 pm.
I highly suggest you head on over to Crowne Plaza for #BeSocialBrunch together with your family and friends. I'm sure everyone will enjoy.

CROWNE PLAZA DOHA - The Business Park
Location: Airport Road, P.O. Box 22080, Doha, Qatar
Phone: +974-4448-7777
Other links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

We were guests at the Amarede. However, all opinions stated above are neither influenced nor forced.

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  1. Hey Lou! Dropping by to say thank you for the visits and the comments. :) You have a wonderful blog! You got me drooling over the wall of cupcakes and the seafood on the bed of ice. :)

    Lady of

    1. Hi Lady! Thanks for dropping by the blog! I love your blog, too. It's making me want to visit Dubai.

      The cupcake wall and the fresh seafood have melted all our hearts.

  2. The sushi, cheese, and dessert section though!!! I can't really eat much whenever I'm at a buffet, but I always appreciate seeing gorgeous food selections. You can never go wrong with food. Ahhh.

    1. Hi Jhanz! I know right? Food, even in the most simplest form, will always be wonderful.

  3. I should bring my girlfriend here! It's so near my house :D

    Is there a lot of people coming here every Friday?

    1. You should! Just make sure to book a table beforehand.
      It was quite full when we went there. But don't worry, the food never runs out.

  4. Such a nicely curated line of dishes and what a cool event! Hope to have a experience like that on our visit to Qatar ext time.

    1. Hi Joy! You should try it. You can check in at the Crowne Plaza, too.
      Anyway, when are you planning to visit Qatar? Let me know, OK?

  5. OMG I would have cried with joy if I were there. The cupcake wall looks really interesting design- wise and the dessert looks tempting, but it's the seafood bar and the cheese section is where I will be hanging out the most. :) Yum!

    1. The seafood table was kind of the super-star of the brunch. We actually ended up having to take home some cupcakes because we were so full.

  6. Hi Lou-Ann!! Thanks for linking "Life with Karlly" to your page :) We really didn't expect it but we really appreciate it!!

    1. Hello Karen and Allyson. Thanks for dropping by.


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