Marco & Dexi: Our Beautiful Fluffballs

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I'd like to share with you guys the two bundles of fluff that became part of our family this 2014.

Our first fluffy baby is Marco, a Yorkshire Terrier. He is now 1-year old.


Excuse the short hair, this was taken after his grooming session 3 months ago. His hair has grown back since then.

We got him early this year, after a whole lot of discussion (and a little bit of crying on my part). We had him at an early age when he was still a puppy. We saw him at a Vet Clinic in Bin Mahmoud, and he was jumping around whenever we came near him. He was just 3-months old at that time.

And then, there's Dexi, whom we got around October this year. She's a West Highland Terrier and she's 3-years old.


We got her from my aunt who was going on vacation for a month. It's kind of a sad story because she have been passed around a lot and then returned to my aunt and given again to somebody else, returned again. When my aunt came back from vacation, she told us that we can give her away if we knew somebody who wanted her. It gets really frustrating for dogs to get passed around from home to home, so we decided to adopt her, instead.

Before and after her grooming session last week. She looks totally fresh.

And, yes, they sleep in our bed. They usually sleep beside us or near our feet, but they sneak up to our heads during the night, so when we wake up they have totally taken over our pillows. That's how cute they are. And when our alarms come off in the morning, they find a way to lick our noses as if to say, "Shut off those alarms right now!"

Ever since we got them, our daily stresses have lessened. It's really more relaxing to come home everyday knowing that you have them waiting for you.

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  1. They look so cute! I used to have 2 dogs, when I was a child, and I would love to have a dog someday in the future, but right now, my husband and I just don't have the time for a dog. Happy New Year to all of you:)

    1. You should think about it. It really lessened my stress levels from work.

  2. cute dogs! I also have a little one, husband and Ioves her like our own.

    1. That's just the way it should be. We must love them like our own so they will treat us with loyalty and unconditional love.

  3. Aww.. Your dogs are all so cute! <3 It's really nice to have dogs in the house. . True enough, they don't only help with stress but also keeps the home happier. :) We have a few dogs too, although I haven't paid more attention to them since I have a pet cat. ^_^ But I adore dogs and cats equally. <3

    Anyway, happy new year Lou! :)

    1. Hi Sumi. I'd also want to have a cat but I'm kind of frightened of them. And I'm not sure how we can handle them with dogs in the house.

      Happy new year to you!

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