Breakfast at Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar

Friday, December 19, 2014

Before heading to our Yacht Cruise during the Qatar National Day, we wanted to have some breakfast first.  We were planning to have some coffee at Second Cup, but since it was QND, we were informed that almost all shops and food chains were to open at noon.

We decided then, to just head straight to the Ronautica offices, and fortunately for us, Chocolate Bar in front of Ronautica was open.

If you try to seat at their outdoor dining, you will be provided with a fantastic view of the harbor and sea. We opted for the inside because we were going to spend the next couple of hours basking in the sun already.

At 9:30 in the morning, the place was not crowded at all so were enjoyed some privacy.

The interior is sleek and very chic. It was also very clean and tidy, I just don't know if this is because we were there early in the morning.

We were in a hurry since the cruise would start at 10:00. Good thing that the staff were very swift, our breakfast was ready in minutes.

Smoked Salmon in Sesame Bagel QR65
Smoked salmon, bagel with sesame, rucola, onion rings and sour cream on the side.

Signature Breakfast with coffee or tea QR65
Toasted multi-grain bread with veal bacon, avocado, eggs, hashbrowns and tomato. Tip: you can choose if you want your eggs to be made sunny-side-up or scrambled. 

Scrambled Egg with Sesame Bagel

Berry Patch QR 38
Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and vanilla gelato.
Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar is located at:
1 La Croisette, Porto Arabia
The Pearl
Doha, Qatar
+974- 4495 3878

They are open from 8:00aam - 12:00 am daily.

You can also check their menu here:

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  1. I always wonder how they make those pattern in the coffee foam. Looks really tasty:)

    1. Me too. We should try to learn how to do that. Problem is I feel sorry of having to drink the coffee and ruining the foam art.

      The food was really great, I loved the hashbrowns.


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