Quick Bite: T.G.I. Fridays' Lunch Set

Saturday, January 10, 2015

We've had this lunch set a few years back, so I was surprised that it is still available when we went to Fridays for lunch. We were planning to use our Entertainer App for the said lunch but decided to go with this set instead.

It's very affordable, you can choose one of each; from a variety of starters, main course and drink. Now, if you're thinking that the serving might be a small portion, that's where you're wrong. Just look at the photos if you don't believe me.

For my meal, I chose the following:

Starter: Loaded Potato Skin

This is my favorite Friday's appetizer next to their Potato Twisters. Unfortunately, the said twisters were not included in the Lunch Set so this will have to do. Anything potato will do for me, haha. It's baked potato skin topped with melted cheddar cheese and crispy beef (duh) bacon and served with sour cream dip.

Main Course: Garlic Chicken Pasta

I didn't really taste a hint of garlic in the sauce, but hey, Chicken Alfredo is just fine by me. It does say in their menu that this is just half portion of the original order, but it's just enough, especially after that potato skin appetizer. It was a bit dull, I had to drizzle some ground pepper every few spoonfuls.

Drink: Iced Tea

The iced tea was freshly brewed and served with some syrup to add sweetness.

And for Raymond, he chose the following:

Starter: Soup of the Day (Beef Stew)

The soup was served hot and the husband loved it. It came with a packet of crackers.

Main Course: Fridays Burger with a Side of Fries

According to the husband, the patty was cooked just the way he wanted it, well-done. Although, he was not quite convinced with the sauce, he needed to add a pinch of salt in each bite.

Drink: Electric Lemonade

This kind of tastes like flavored Sprite with food coloring if you ask me. 

Please don't hate me if I didn't get a picture of the Lunch Set Menu. I was thinking that it might be available online, but I was wrong. Anyway, the set costs QR35, very cheap.

The Lunch set is only available during weekdays (Sun-Wed) at lunch time. 

And the service is great, the food was served fast. All I can say is that, we have a 1-hour lunch break and we made it to work in time. That's how fast everything was.

This is NOT a sponsored post.

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  1. They look so delicious!!! Too bad I'm on a diet. This post made me hungry. Haha! You take great pics btw!

    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by. I should be on a diet but hey, life is short. Haha!
      By the way, my husband is the one taking the photos for this blog and he says thanks!

  2. It's been a while since I've last eaten at TGI Fridays! :) Their lunch sets, even here in the Philippines, is really good value. Too bad though they're only available on weekdays.

    1. I also miss eating at Fridays (in the Philippines). The last I ate there was on our vacation last 2013. Of course their menu is almost the same, except for the pork (and that's what I miss).


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