DIY: Christmas Chocolates & Candies Giveaway

Monday, January 05, 2015

Aside from the Christmas gifts we handed out last week to our friends during the thanksgiving celebration at Church, we also had to anticipate the unexpected. As of last year (2013), Raymond and I had prepared ourselves with goodie bags for those unexpected attendees at Church.

This year, we bought chocolate bars for the oldies;

We wanted to make it a little personal but since I am not one to cook or bake or do anything in the kitchen, I just downloaded some printable chocolate wrappers online.

You can browse different designs from the internet. I chose these simple ones from Intimate Weddings.

Of course, you can edit the text through PDF.

You can download the printable wrappers here:
Chocolate Wrapper Printable

They also have a tutorial on how to change the wrapper of your chocolate bar. I love this site, they have lots of free printables and tutorials you can use for any occasion, not just weddings.

And then there are the loot bags for the kiddos;

I got the bags from Crazy Party at Villagio Mall and just filled them up with chocolates and candies.

I am so looking forward to next year, until then, I'll be busy doing other projects that I hope I can share with you guys.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Thanks also for dropping by my blog.

    2. These are great ideas! I used to make customized chocolates and pralines for give-aways but I can't seem to have enough time. Thanks for visiting my blog also:) I've been to Doha once when we went to Milan years back. Hope to visit and explore Qatar for real in the coming future! Let me know if you'll be in Manila, let me tour you around and buy you a cup of coffee:)

    3. I would love to meet and have coffee with you. I'll let you know soon! And please do tell me when you'll visit Doha.


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