Thai Snack Restaurant: Authentic Thai Food in Al Nasser

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

This little heaven has been around for as long as I can remember. They were here the first time I was here in 2006 and I was shocked when I returned in 2011 and they're still around. It's this little place in Al Naser with a Thai Massage adjacent to it (probably under the same management).

The place is not that much but I assure you that the food is genuinely authentic Thai. It's quite popular not just with Thai expats but with Westerners as well and of course those from the other lands of the chinky-eyed (no wonder I find myself here almost every week).

If you want to find it, just look for the Thai Massage signage because the snack house doesn't have a name you can see from the outside. They have indoor dining and garden dining as well. There's also a function room which I think you can rent, which can sit around 12-18 people.

On the inside, you can see the walls plastered with various Thai posters. The set-up is pretty efficient: you sit at a table, they take your order, utensils are on the table in a stainless flatware (much of it, in fact, so no need to bother the waiters for an additional spoon or fork), once you finish you just take a stub with your table number in it (usually at placed in a little basket within your table) and pay by the counter. Easy-peasy, we get in-and-out in an hour, tops.

I love that each of their menu items have photos, I felt like a kid going thru them. It just gets a little bit tiring when you get the last few pages as some of the food tend to look so much alike with the other items.

Dumplings QR25
 This is a great starter while you're waiting for your orders to arrive. It can be shared by 2-3 people.

Salapao QR12 (for 3 pieces)
The Salapao is the Thai version of the Chinese Siopao, this is really affordable at only QR12 for 3 pieces. It's great for merienda (snacks) and for some late midnight snacking. We often bring some of these home so we can have something to eat at home when we get hungry in the middle of the night.

Pad Thai Seafood QR30
The Pad Thai is always present in our table whenever we come here, just varying on the meat (seafood, chicken or beef).

Tom Yum Seafood QR30
This is one of my favorite soups because it still tastes good even when cold. But don't get me wrong, they served the soup steaming hot (which is also great).

Pad Pring Chicken QR25
This is one of my husband's favorite simply because this meal is as complete as it could ever get; with rice, egg, meat, vegetables. He almost always gets these, except for days when he wants some noodles or soup.

Thai Fried Rice Seafood QR25
This one I love because you don't even need to order ulam with it. You can eat it on its own because the seafood (or chicken or beef) they put in it is enough as ulam.

Thai Iced Tea with Milk QR10
This is the superstar among their drinks. I see this in every table every time we come here. The perfect combination of milk and tea

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  1. I'm starting to become a thai food fan and I absolutely love the thai iced tea and pad thai.

    1. Yes, their iced tea is really good. So is the Pad Thai, you should try their Tom Yum, it's to die for.

  2. Who would have thought a Thai place can be enjoyed even in a Middle Eastern country such as Qatar. I hope I could visit Doha again and do a food tour:)

    1. Most of the patrons are mostly Westerners (British, Americans, etc.) but it's still a huge hit because of the expats.

      Tell me when you're coming here so I can join you on your food tour.

    2. I'd definitely love that! Will let you know for sure:)

    3. I'd definitely love that! Will let you know for sure:)

  3. Try tomyum soup in Thai Smile. You will like it more than Thai Snack.

    1. Will definitely check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

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