Sammach, Medina Centrale: Seafood Dinner Under the Moonlight

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

After watching The Avengers Friday night at Novo Cinema, we headed on straight to Medina Centrale - which felt like Eastwood City to me during my high school days. No, not the present Eastwood City - for a late dinner at Sammach. We wanted to try the fancy-shmancy seafood restaurant and check out what they had to offer.

I was looking forward to something like what L'wzaar was bringing. They did have the same concept except there were lesser menu choices and more expensive food. Of course, like L'wzaar, you can always have your seafood cooked anyway you want but we always stick to the menu because it's always easier for them to cook it and we can try their best dish that way.

It was still cool outside so we decided to dine al fresco. There was another diner in their outdoor sitting who was playing the guitar, which instantly became entertainment for the other diners. As if dining under the moonlight wasn't romantic enough, a Spanish guitar was playing in the background.

The thing about outdoor dining in the evening is that your photos tend to be blurry, especially if you're using your phones. So please excuse my horrible pictures.

Hummus & Tabbouleh QR25 each
Sammach Seafood Platter QR150
We were a bit disappointed when this dish came, not because of its taste but its quantity. We were expecting more seafood for QR150. We were hoping 4 people could share. Anyway, we made do with one order since we had just gone from the movies and had a bucket of popcorn each.

It's basically different kinds of seafood baked together with some sauce. You can choose between cream or marinara sauce. In our case, we asked them to mix both sauces. It is served with stir fried capsicum and mashed potato.

Sayadiyya Rice Platter QR64
We got 2 orders of this dish, made with Sayadiyya brown rice topped with Hamour fillet and fried onions. It is served with a special herb sauce that we all loved.

The whole menu was a bit overpriced if you ask me, but the food was amazing. Of course, the best part of the night was the company and conversation. We were joined by our close friends from church, Darryl and Gen.

Sammach is located at The Pearl, Medina Centrale.
You can check their menu here: Sammach Menu
You can also find them here: Facebook, Instagram

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  1. That plate of hummos is just very tempting. The brown rice and hammour looks delish too. The seafood platter looks something one wouldn't expect indeed..both quantity and presentation. I'd give anything for hummos and moutabal right now. I so miss them.

    1. Hi Arni. Yes they kinda suck at presentation, but it tastes really good.
      Hummus and Moutabel are just some of my favorite, Arabic starters are really amazing.

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